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Managing TikTok accounts in Publer

What TikTok accounts are supported in Publer?

You can connect both Personal and Business TikTok accounts in Publer. Learn more about how you can connect TikTok here.

What posts can we share on TikTok through Publer?

The supported post types are:

Videos (need to be between 3 seconds 10 minutes long, and no bigger than 1 GB).

TikTok video

Read about all the post limitations for TikTok here.

What are the main TikTok features in Publer?

You can directly post videos to TikTok, as shown here.
You can also post videos via push-notifications/reminders, as shown here.

Post Directly vs Push Notifications

When posting directly:

You have additional options, such as adding a caption, specifying the privacy settings, engagement options, and branded content.
You can come up with content/caption of your video yourself, or you can use the Publer AI Assist for help.

AI Generated TikTok Caption

You can specify:

The TikTok video privacy, so who can view your video (i.e. Everyone, Friends, Only me).
The engagement options, such as Comment, Duet and Stitch.
The video content, and disclose if your video is promoting your brand or a different brand.

TikTok Video Settings

You can choose 1 of the 10 automatically generated thumbnails, since custom thumbnails are not supported for TikTok. Learn more about that here.

TikTok Video Thumbnail

You can add a signature to your post but keep in mind the character limitations when doing that.

When posting via push-notifications/reminders:

You don't have any additional options. You need to only add the TikTok video and specify the time when you want the post to be scheduled.
When the time comes, you will receive a notification and you can finalize posting your TikTok as shown here.


Why do I get: Please select the privacy settings for TikTok?

If you are trying to schedule a post across multiple social accounts, like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and attach a video, you'll encounter this error when you attempt to schedule or publish it. This is because the setting fields aren't visible when you are scheduling a post for multiple social accounts simultaneously. To avoid this error, customize the post first and then proceed to choose the privacy settings. You can follow the guide here for more help.

Can the TikTok settings be chosen by default?

Due to API limitations from TikTok, the privacy and engagement settings have to be chosen manually for each video. It's not possible to have default settings as that is prohibited by the TikTok API. Their Legal and Trust & Safety team is still reviewing this option, however, there will be no changes in the near future unfortunately.

Can I add sounds to my TikTok videos?

You can add a sound to your video before hand and then upload it to Publer and schedule it. However, it's not possible to add sounds while you are creating the TikTok post in Publer, due to API limitations.

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You can use the Publer Media Downloader to download videos from anywhere on the web and use them on Publer!

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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