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Why do I get "Please select the privacy settings for TikTok"

Due to the API limitations of TikTok, it is mandatory to manually select the privacy settings and other interaction choices each time you upload a TikTok video.

Unfortunately, their API doesn't allow setting default values or bulk selection to prevent spam.

In case you overlook this step, you will encounter an error message stating, "Please select the TikTok video privacy."

If you are trying to schedule a post across multiple social accounts, like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and attach a video, you'll encounter this error when you attempt to schedule or publish it. This is because the settings fields aren't visible when you are scheduling a post for multiple social accounts simultaneously. To avoid this error, it's recommended to customize the post first and then proceed to choose the privacy settings.

To customize posts for each social network:

Click on the 'customize post' icon.

Then, proceed to navigate the TikTok post.
Once you've found the TikTok post, click on it and choose a privacy setting under 'Who can view this video?'.

Lastly, make the final touches and schedule accordingly.

Keep in mind:

Privacy settings and the other engagement options are synced automatically from TikTok. Moreover, these have to be specified manually each time you upload a TikTok video, as TikTok does not allow default values or selecting the privacy settings in bulk. Furthermore, the API rules of TikTok cannot be changed.

Learn more about how to directly post TikTok videos here, and how to customize posts for each social network here.

Written by: John Ezekiel Jacinto

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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