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How to connect to TikTok

To connect to your TikTok account:

Go to Social Accounts and click on Connect for TikTok and then click TikTok:

Make sure you are logged in to the corresponding TikTok account.
Click on Authorize to give access to Publer.

Finally, select the TikTok account that shows up.

You are now ready to schedule TikTok videos on Publer.

Please keep in mind that due to API limitations from TikTok:

The watermarking feature and URL settings have been turned off for TikTok accounts. This means you can't add watermarks to your TikTok videos and you can't include clickable links as TikTok does not support them on the posts.

You can't change your profile picture or username for your TikTok account inside Publer. The information will be automatically synchronized each time you choose to post to TikTok.

TikTok doesn't allow duplicate content, so you can't post or schedule the same video to multiple TikTok accounts at the same time. Additionally, you can't schedule Recurring or Recycling TikTok videos to be posted repeatedly in the future.

Updated on: 14/07/2023

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