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How to directly post TikTok videos

Publer now offers the ability to schedule and post TikTok videos directly within the platform!

To directly post TikTok videos:

Go to the Create page on Publer.
Select the desired TikTok account on the left side.

You cannot post or schedule to multiple TikTok accounts at once, as TikTok does not allow duplicate content.

TikTok Scheduling

Click on Click or Drag & Drop media and upload a media.

TikTok Scheduling

Note: You can only select a frame as the cover when posting automatically. Learn more about that here.

Once the video is ready, choose the first option Post Automatically on the right side of the video.
Then, select one of the privacy options under Who can view this video?

TikTok Scheduling

Next, choose whether you want users to Comment, Duet, or Stitch this video.

The last two options (Duet and Stitch) have to be activated in your TikTok account before you can activate them on Publer for each video. If one of the options (i.e., Duets) is disabled in your TikTok account, you cannot toggle it through Publer until you activate it on TikTok first.

All the extra options, such as privacy and engagement settings, have to be selected manually each time. TikTok does not allow default values or selecting the privacy settings in bulk.

TikTok Scheduling

Lastly, schedule your video for the desired time. Keep in mind that you can only Schedule or Auto-schedule the TikTok video.
You cannot Recycle or schedule Recurring videos since TikTok does not allow duplicate content. If you try to, you will get the following error:

TikTok Scheduling

Keep in mind:

You can only select a frame as the thumbnail/cover of the video only when posting automatically.
The watermarking feature is not supported with TikTok due to API limitations.
Links are not supported by TikTok, since it is a visual social network.
TikTok does not allow duplicate content, so you cannot post or schedule to multiple TikTok accounts at once or recycle or schedule recurring TikTok videos.
Privacy settings and the other engagement options are synced automatically from TikTok. Moreover, these have to be specified manually every time for each video, due to API limitations.
It is not possible to change the profile picture or name of the TikTok account within Publer. We will automatically sync the information each time the user selects to post to TikTok.

To schedule a TikTok video via push-notifications, check the guide here.

Updated on: 19/07/2023

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