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How to generate text with AI Assist

AI is able to generate text from scratch, but only when given some input. The more specific you are the better the result will be.

Take a look at the following example to understand the importance of using a detailed prompt.

Generating new text content with Publer AI Assist is very easy, but since we support posts for both social media and blog, the first steps are slightly different.

The AI Assist will be automatically activated once you subscribe for the Business Plan, or after you connect your OpenAI account. To use the AI Assist features, follow the steps below.

How to trigger the AI prompt modal for social media posts

Click on the AI Assist button

If the post has content, besides generating new text, AI Assist will also give you the option to complete the text

The same steps can be used for generating new comments

How to trigger the AI prompt modal for blog posts

Click to add a new block and click on the magic icon that says "Generate new text"

How to generate new text with AI

Write a detailed prompt (see below for examples)

If you're not satisfied with the result, you can keep regenerating or tweak the prompt

Go through the different variations and click on "Add to post" once you're happy with the result

The highlighted text generated by AI will be added to your post where you can make any last minute changes, or as in this case, schedule it as a Twitter thread

How to generate new text content like a pro

Specify for which channel the content you need is, i.e., a short Tweet, or a long paragraph for a blog

Specify the tone of the voice for the content, i.e., sounding professional

Specify the goal for the post, i.e., spark debate

Specify or use the language you want the output to be in, i.e., Albanian

Specify little details, i.e., use three trending hashtags or include some emojis

Ask AI to give different variations in one go, i.e., three different captions for Instagram

Take a look at the following video tutorial for more examples.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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