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How to organise your posts with labels

Organizing your posts with color coded labels makes it easier for you and your teammates to stay organized.

To create a label:

Go to Create or Calendar and start creating your post.
Click on Add Labels to add or start designing your label.

Design the label to your liking:

Click on the dropdown arrow to choose the color of the label.
Specify the name of this label.
Click on the + icon to add the label to this post.

Finally, click on Save to save the changes.
Once applied, the label will show up on top of the post.

After creating the post, you can edit the label by going to Post > Add Labels > Manage Labels, where you will be able to change the name, change the color, or delete the label.

Learn more about how to filter posts with color coded labels you just created here.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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