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How to convert a scheduled post to a draft post

It happens to all of us that we create a post, schedule it, but then remember that it might not work and instead of deleting it we might want to save it for the future as a draft.

To convert an already scheduled post to a draft:

Go to Posts > Scheduled or Calendar > Scheduled.
Find the post that you want to convert.
Finally, on the dropdown arrow next to Publish, choose Make a Draft.

To convert a draft post to a scheduled post:

Go to Posts > Drafts or Calendar > Drafts.
Find the post that you want to convert.
Finally, click on Schedule and hit Confirm.

Keep in mind, the post will maintain the time it was scheduled for, the social account it was created for, and all the content so it will be scheduled based on that.

Learn more about how to create draft posts here.

Updated on: 24/03/2023

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