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Why is my post stuck on "Posting in progress"?

Sometimes, posts in Publer's queue may experience delays during processing. Here are the two cases/scenarios where your posts might get stuck on "Posting in progress":

Scenario #1:

Once a post goes into the publishing queue, it may take a few minutes to be processed, depending on the social network API.

Keep in mind that video posts may inherently take longer to process, due to the social network API's processing time.

If it's past the scheduled time, you can find the post on the Posts tab > Scheduled in "Posting in progress..." status.

To fix the issue, simply refresh Publer or check back later. Publer will notify you on your notifications center if there's an issue with the post processing.

Scenario #2:

When posting through push-notifications for Facebook Profiles, TikTok or reels and stories for Instagram & Facebook, you have to keep in mind that the post will stay in "Posting in progress" until you finish the semi-automated process on the mobile app.

If you go to the Posts tab > Posted, you will see the post in "Posting in Progress" status.

Simply go to your mobile app and finalize the publishing process.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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