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Why can't I add people to my Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite is a one-stop shop where you can manage all of your marketing and advertising activities on Facebook and Instagram. It centralizes tools that help you connect with your customers on all apps and get better business results.

It's easier to use the Meta Business Suite when you are managing several Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can manage your posts and the members that have access to your Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts through the Business Suite.

However, in case you are facing issues with adding a member to your Facebook Page from the Business Suite, it could be due to restrictions with your Meta Business Suite, as mentioned below.

Adding Members through the Meta Business Suite

To add a member to your Facebook Page through the Business Suite:

Go to your Business Manager settings.
Choose the specific Business Suite you want to make changes to (i.e. add/manage members).

Meta Business Suite/Portfolios

All of the Business Suites/Portfolios that you have access to will show up here. Moreover, here you can create a new Business Suite, also known as a Business Portfolio, or navigate to an already existing one.

After navigating to the specific Business Suite, go to People to add other members to your Suite/Portfolio.

Note: This will allow you to add other members to your accounts and give them the specific access.

To add the member, simply click on Add people at the top right corner, and proceed with the steps shown on screen.

Adding People to Business Suite

Follow the next steps to assign the member to your accounts:

Enter the email(s) of the member(s) and click on Next.

Adding Member

Specify the access you want them to have, choosing between Basic and Full Access. To learn more about access levels, go here.

Note: It is recommended that you give new people the Basic access. If they have Full Control, they will be able to fully manage your business portfolio, including the ability to assign other people and delete the portfolio altogether. Learn more about access levels in the Business Suite here.

Assigning Member Access

Finalize assigning access to the member. Select the accounts that you want them to have access to and specify the access level for each one.

Assigning Member Access

You can choose to give the member the following access.:

Partial Access - Business suite tools only
Partial Access - Business suite tools only and Facebook dashboard
Full Control - Business suite tools only and Facebook dashboard

If you only want this user to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts through the Meta Business Suite, or Publer, then simply assign Partial Access to the business suite tools, i.e. option 1. Otherwise, they will be able to manage the assigned accounts from the Facebook dashboard, i.e. option 2 or 3.

The member will be able to post to the Facebook Page or Instagram accounts through Publer, as long as they have all the permissions toggled on, for option 1, 2, or 3.

Finally, you can go back and change the access level for this member at anytime, giving them less or more access to the assigned Facebook accounts.

Issues Adding New People

In case you are facing issues with adding new people to your Business Suite or Portfolio, it could be due to the fact that your Meta Business Suite is restricted and thus not allowing you to take certain actions. such as advertising.

For example, if your account is restricted form advertising, you would have to first verify your account in order to proceed with adding new people to the business suite. Let's understand how we can tackle this and resolve it below.

First, go to your Business Manager settings and select the specific business suite/portfolio.
Navigate to the People tab and click on Add People. If the button is greyed out, and you see a notice, that means the account is restricted.
Click on See details to learn more about the restriction.

Account Restricted

Here is where you will see all the information regarding the account restriction.
In order to lift the restriction, you will have to confirm your identity to Meta. Click on Confirm Identity from the left hand side, to go through the necessary process.

Account Restricted Details

Meta will ask for your permission to proceed with the process and to:

Verify your phone number. After you enter your phone number, you will get an SMS with a unique code.
Upload your ID.
Review is requested / sent for approval.

Finally, go back to Account Overview. You will see your account's standing and the most recent request made to confirm your identity.

Account Overview

Note: While Meta reviews the information provided, you will not be able to advertise. It might take some time before Meta reviews and lifts the restriction to your account. If it's taking too long, try reaching out to Meta's support team directly.


If you are not able to add new people to you Meta Business Suite due to account restriction or other issues, you can always add new people to your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts directly from the Facebook dashboard.

This will give them access to the Facebook Page or Instagram account and allow them to manage these accounts through the respective dashboards. To make someone an Admin/Editor of your Facebook Page, follow the steps here.

This will automatically give the new member Partial Access to the specific Facebook/Instagram account. Learn more about that here.

Note: If you are planning to use managed Meta accounts to collaborate with your team members, follow the guide here.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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