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Why was my Instagram Reel posted without a caption?

Issues with Instagram Posts

If you are facing issues with when sharing media posts to Instagram with a specific caption, and the caption does not get posted, it probably means that your caption has content that goes against the Instagram community guidelines.

Your post will still get shared to Instagram, so the photo or the video will be posted, but the caption will be automatically blocked by Instagram.

To ensure that this does not happen, we recommend that you use hashtags or captions that follow their community guidelines. Moreover, to make sure that the reason your caption is not getting posted is related to the caption itself, you can try to use a dummy caption with the same reel or media and see if that gets posted.


The reason why Instagram is blocking the caption from getting posted is most probably related to the fact that you might have certain restricted keywords or hashtags.

In the cases that one of the hashtags is the culprit, we recommend:

Try to tweak each hashtag or remove any restricted hashtags.
Sometimes it might be a few hashtags causing the issue, so make sure to check them accordingly.
You can also change all the hashtags from the list, instead of trying to find the culprit one by one.
Try to use another caption altogether.

Note: You can also use Publer's AI Assist to help you come up with a new caption, a new group of hashtags, and even create Spintax variations.

Tips & Workaround

It's important to note what keywords or hashtags were the culprit so that you can avoid facing this issue in the future. Moreover, once you have a group of hashtags that works, you can save that in a signature in Publer and use it for future purposes:

For the specific Instagram account, go to Social Account Settings > Signatures.
Create a signature and add the group of hashtags accordingly.
You can also use Publer's AI Assist to help you come up with a new group of hashtags.
You can leverage the built-in Spintax generator and create variations of the group of hashtags.

This will help you to share different hashtags for each post you share to Instagram, to avoid repeating the same group of hashtags. Lastly, don't forget to combine Spintax with the AI Assist for optimal results.

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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