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What are Publer Analytics?

With social media marketing becoming increasingly important for overall marketing success, it’s crucial to track your social media posts with management tools to gather important strategic marketing information.

Why is it Important to Track Your Social Media Posts?

Most social media tools have integrated analytics and insights that provide valuable data for generating performance reports. You can share these reports with your team, stakeholders, and superiors to offer valuable insights into the performance of your social media efforts and evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies.

Here are some key things you can do with the analytics feature on Publer:

Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience’s demographics and preferred social media platforms.
Determine the type of social content that drives the most conversions, engagements, and other desired actions.
Develop a comprehensive social media strategy aligned with your business’s specific goals, including marketing and sales.

What are Publer's analytics?

Publer uses the social networks official APIs to collect the metrics or analytics. We automatically pull the data twice a day every day, but you can also Sync Insights manually and pull the data in real-time. We analyze posts published via Publer and those published outside of Publer, as soon as you have synced the posts.

A full list of the analytics/metrics that we gather can be found here.

An overview of Analytics on Publer:

The first thing you note when you navigate to Publer's Analytics is an aggregate view of analytics for all accounts, displayed in graphs and different data models.

Aggregate Analytics

You can also view the analytics for a specific social account, simply by selecting it from the social accounts bar on the left.

Specific Analytics

You can see analytics for a specific social account or an aggregate view.

You can filter Analytics in Publer:

By social accounts (specific analytics per account).
By a specific period or time range:

Filtering by Time Range

By team members, showing you the data for posts done by that member:

Filtering by Team Member

Additional options on the Analytics tab:

Sync insights and Export to PDF.

Insights are synced every 24 hours automatically but you can manually trigger the sync to refresh the data.
Export to allows you to download your analytics into a PDF/Excel or CSV file that you can share. You can also automate the Analytics Reports.

Syncing and Exporting Analytics

Best Times to Post

You can find the Best Times To Post graph further down on the Analytics page.

Publer will analyze all your posts from the past week. Based on their performance, it will suggest time-slots on which your posts performed the best. You can use those slots to create a posting schedule and have a consistent presence online.

Best Times to Post

If you hover on the blue squares, you will be able to manually create a time-slot for that suggested time. Learn more about how to use best times to post on Publer here.

Post Insights

On the Posts Insights tab you can see the performance for each one of your posts, including engagement, reach, etc. You can track the best performing posts so you can share them or reuse them.

Posts Insights

If you click on one of the posts, you can reuse it and schedule it again to other social networks. It's always a good strategy to repurpose good-performing posts.

Reusing posts

What metrics/analytics are gathered for each social network?
How to view analytics for a specific social account
How to download your Analytics Reports
How to rank/filter your post insights/analytics

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Updated on: 14/02/2024

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