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How to view analytics for a specific social account

You can track how your posts are performing for each one of the social accounts you have added to Publer.

To check analytics/insights for an account:

Go to Analytics.
Select a specific social account on the left to see detailed insights for that account.
The time range selected by Default is Last 7 Days, but you can also choose a custom range.

The analytics are refreshed every 24 hours by default, but you can also refresh them manually by clicking on Sync Insights.

You can track different statistics such as Likes, Top Cities, Post Engagement, Reach, Best Times to Post etc. Learn more about all the insights you can track here.

You can also see what the Best Times to Post are for a specific social account.

If you see a good time to post, you can instantly Create a Post for that time.

If you want to view your reach, reactions, comments, shares, video views, link clicks, simply check them on the Post Insights tab.

Keep in mind that the Reach you see on the Daily Graph for Post Reach and the one at the end on Post Insights are not the same. On the main view on the Analytics page, the Daily Graph for the Reach is referring to the specific reach that this account had at that period of time (which can come from all the posts, including past ones). On the other hand, the Reach under Post Insights refers only to the reach that a specific post has had up to the current moment.

You can also check your Hashtag analytics on the Hashtag Analysis tab, to see how your hashtags are performing with Publer.

Moreover, you can view your competitor's posts and analytics on the Competitor Analysis tab. You can compare the performance of your page with others and gain valuable insights to boost your online presence.

Learn more about Analytics and all the metrics gathered here.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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