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How to filter post analytics by member on Publer

In Publer, you can track how your posts are performing for each one of your social accounts. Moreover, you can check how posts have performed and track analytics for each member.

To filter analytics/insights by member:

Go to the Analytics tab on Publer.
Select a specific social account on the left to see detailed insights for that account.
The time range selected by Default is Last 7 Days, but you can also choose a custom range.
Then, make sure to filter by member so you can see the analytics for each specific member.

As soon as you select the member, you will be able to see the respective insights.

The analytics are refreshed every 24 hours by default, but you can also refresh them manually by clicking on sync insights. Publer will be able to sync insights from up to 3 years ago.

Learn more about the metrics gathered here and about this feature here.

Updated by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 14/02/2024

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