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Tracking Analytics through Publer

Discover the enhanced Analytics feature now offered by Publer! You can now track and analyze all your social media posts efficiently in one spot.

An overview of Analytics in the web:

When you first access Publer's Analytics, you'll immediately see a comprehensive overview of analytics across all accounts, presented in various graphs and data models.

You can also view analytics for a specific social account by selecting it from the social accounts sidebar on the left.

Analytics Overview

The overview also provides you with a glimpse of the latest high-performing posts from Post Insights and top-performing hashtags from Hashtag Analysis.

Posts Insights and Hashtag Analysis

Further down the Analytics Overview page, you can find the Best Times to Post graph for your social accounts based on past posts and data gathered.
If you see a good time to post, you can create a post for that specific time by simply clicking on Create Post. Learn more here.

Best Times to Post

Lastly, at the bottom of the Overview tab, you can also gain insight into the detailed activities of the members of your workspace, including their Posts, Engagements, and Shares.

Members table

Learn more about measuring your members' performances here.

Introducing Three Additional Features to Our Improved Analytics:

Post Insights - for in-depth analysis of your post performance, where you can also reuse and share your top-performing posts from Analytics.

Post Insights

Hashtag Analysis - for tracking the detailed performance of your used hashtags.

Hashtag Analysis

Competitor Analysis - to compare the performance of your page with others and reuse the best performing posts from competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Here are more options you can utilize in Analytics:

Sync Insights - by default, the Analytics are refreshed every 24 hours. But, you have the option to manually refresh them anytime by clicking on the Sync Insights icon.

Syncing Analytics Insights

Export to PDF/CSV - this allows you to download your Analytics into a PDF file that you can share with your teammates, clients, or managers. You can also download a dedicated view of the Posts Insights, Hashtag Analysis or Competitor Analysis.

You can also automate the Analytics Overview PDF Reports.

Filter Analytics on Publer by selecting Members or choosing a specific Time Range.

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Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 30/04/2024

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