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Managing Pinterest accounts on Publer

What Pinterest accounts are supported in Publer?

You can connect any Pinterest account whether it's a Pinterest Personal Profile or Pinterest Business Account account.

In order to connect your Pinterest account to Publer, you need to make sure that you are logged into the corresponding Pinterest account you wish to connect.

What posts can we share on Pinterest through Publer?

Supported post types:

Single-photo posts
Carousels with up to 5 photos

Pinterest Photo Carousel

Single-video posts

Single-video posts for Pinterest


Photos have no limitations.
Carousels will be automatically cropped based on the first photo's aspect ratio.
Videos need to be between 4 seconds and 15 minutes long.

Learn more about all the Pinterest post limitations here.

What are the main Pinterest features in Publer?

You can add a pin Title, write a Description, and insert a URL to link the new pin with.

Keep in mind that the Pin link is reserved for external links. You cannot enter the link to another Pinterest pin or account.

Adding a Pin Title, Description, and Links to your Pin.

You can choose the 'Board' where you would like to save the Pin.

Selecting a Pinterest 'Board'

You can add alt text to your Pinterest photo.

Adding Alt Text to a Pinterest Photo

You can add watermarks for your Pinterest photos.

Watermarking a Pinterest photo


Does Publer support 'Idea Pins'?

No, Idea Pins are not supported due to the API limitations of Pinterest. Only Regular Pins are supported by their API at the moment.

Why am I getting the "Pinterest Pins require a media and a board selected" error?

That error appears when a board hasn't been selected for Pinterest. This is a requirement as per their API.

Is it possible to specify the board in the CSV file while bulk scheduling Pinterest posts?

No, it isn't possible to choose the board directly from the CSV file. However, you can set a default board for your Pinterest account so the posts are automatically assigned to that board.

Can I post videos on Pinterest using Publer?

Yes! Publer does support video posts.

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Updated on: 26/01/2024

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