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How to create a Pinterest Photo Carousel

Note: To comply with Pinterest spam guidelines, you can no longer create duplicate content across one or multiple Pinterest accounts. Therefore, you can now only select one Pinterest account at a time.

To create a carousel (multi-photo) post for Pinterest:

Firstly, select the Pinterest account you want to use:

After that you can upload your desired photos accordingly.

You can only upload up to 5 photos at most for a carousel post. They cannot be mixed with GIFs or Videos as it's not supported by the Pinterest API.

Next you will see the media and you can add also your content for the posts:

To see how it will look you can check the preview on the right side. If you are using a smaller window page you can click the preview button. Finally schedule as per your liking.

Carousels will be automatically cropped based on the first photo's aspect ratio.

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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