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How to schedule Pinterest Pins

Note: To comply with Pinterest spam guidelines, you can no longer create duplicate content across one or multiple Pinterest accounts. Therefore, you can now only select one Pinterest account at a time.

To schedule a Pinterest Pin:

Go to Create and select your Pinterest account on the left.
Craft your post to your liking by adding a single video or carousel with up to 5 photos. Make sure that the media files are within the limitations. that Pinterest supports.
Add a Pin Title, write a description, and insert a URL to link the new Pin with.

Note: Similar to Instagram, URLs will not be clickable when they are shared in the Pin's description. To make the Pin's clickable, you can add the link in the URL field.

Keep in mind, the Pin link is reserved for external links. You cannot enter the link to another Pinterest pin or account.

You can also add Alt text to your pinterest photo, by clicking on the bottom right icon that appears when you hover over the image.

If you want to change the board where you are posting the pin or add a watermark to the photo, choose Media Options.

Select the Board where you want to save the Pin. If you want to track what board your Pint to after it is published, you can follow the steps here.

Note: You can create a new Pinterest board directly from Publer, while you are creating your post.

If you don't see the Board listed, click on Sync Boards, and select the synced board from the updated list.
Finally, schedule the post accordingly.

Keep in mind, Pinterest takes some time to review the video before it gets posted, they need to verify it, and once they do, then the video will get posted. It sometimes takes a little more time than usual from their end.

Make your Pinterest Pin scheduling easier by always having a default board selected, as shown here.

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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