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Why am I being charged for my paused months?

Why do I have charges for paused months?

Unfortunately, due to limitations from our payment provider, Paddle, you will be charged when you resume your paused subscription and if you make changes to it right away.

If your subscription was on pause for a few months and you decide to resume it and make some changes to it, i.e. reducing the number of social accounts/members, then due to a bug on Paddle's end, you will be charged for the months while your subscription was on pause.

We recommend that you wait for some time after resuming the subscription, and then making changes to it accordingly, to avoid the extra charges.

If this happens, we will make sure to refund the charges or any other overcharge. Please contact us using the live chat for more assistance.


When you decide to resume your subscription, please make sure to wait a few minutes before you make changes to it.

Then, once you have resumed it, you can go back a few minutes later and make the necessary changes, such as reducing the number of social accounts.

This will ensure that when the subscription is resumed properly, and no charges are made for the paused months.

The refunds are issued manually so please email us at [email protected] or contact us using the live chat.

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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