Tagging Instagram accounts on photos is a great way to engage with your audience or brands/businesses that you are working with at the moment.

To tag an account on an Instagram photo:

Go to the Create tab on Publer.
Upload your image accordingly.
Hover over the Instagram image and click on the tag icon on the bottom right corner.

Tagging accounts on Instagram photos

On the photo, click anywhere to start tagging an account.

Tagging accounts on Instagram photos

A field will pop up below the photo where you can insert the username of the account.

Usernames are not case sensitive, so you can write them in capital letters or lowercase. However, you have to make sure that it is 100% the correct Instagram handle (username).
You can always remove a tag by clicking on the x button below the photo.

Removing a tag from an Instagram photo

Once you have added all your tags, you can click on Save and proceed with publishing the post.

Keep in mind, there are certain limitations due to the Instagram API, such as:

You can only tag accounts on Instagram photos or multi-photos, not videos as it's not supported for videos at the moment.
The tags have to refer to a valid Instagram handle, and the account must be public.
The tags cannot be autofilled, so you have to make sure that you are inserting the correct username.
You can only tag up to 20 accounts per photo.

Learn more about how you can tag Instagram accounts on the caption here.
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