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How to auto-schedule posts

Automatically scheduling posts is the best way to save time while creating your own posts' queue.

Before auto-scheduling, you need to keep in mind that:

You need a posting schedule. Posting schedules are account-specific. You can have only one posting schedule per account, however, it can consist of many time slots.
If you want the same posting schedule across multiple social accounts, you can do so by Duplicating Settings.

To AutoSchedule posts:

After you have created a posting schedule go to the Create tab.
Select the social account you want to post in and design the post to your liking.
Click on the drop down button next to Schedule and select AutoSchedule.

Select the Label accordingly and click Schedule.
You can choose to Schedule at the top of the queue, so that this is the post that will be shared next.
Moreover, you can choose to Schedule after and Schedule before a specified range, so that your post goes out on that specific range.

If you have labeled the post, i.e. Coffee , that label will be automatically applied to the AutoSchedule settings.


Each time there’s a new post that you want to be scheduled, all you need to do is click AutoSchedule.
Publer will find the next available time slot for the settings you specify and automatically schedule your new post for you.
Think of it as having a queue and every time you AutoSchedule something, it will automatically go into that queue.

For example:

Suppose you want to post a Link on Mondays at 11:15 AM. You can schedule a Link post that will be posted every available Monday. The other link post you schedule will be put in queue and will be posted for the next available time, which, according to the time slot, would be the following Monday.

Keep in mind:

If you haven't specified a label to your posting schedules, just hit Schedule. Publer will automatically find the proper posting schedule you have created.

Learn more about how to auto-schedule here.

To AutoSchedule posts in bulk:

Create the posts in bulk.
Select the social accounts where you want to post.
On the dropdown, click on AutoSchedule.

Select the desired Label for these posts.
Specify the AutoSchedule settings for the posts.
If you want these settings to be applied to all the posts, simply toggle on "Apply to all posts" and click Save.

Alternatively, you could do this for each of the other posts individually.
Finally, click Submit.

Learn more about bulk scheduling here.

Updated on: 30/05/2023

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