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How to create a new Pinterest board through Publer

You can schedule your Pinterest Pins to any of your boards through Publer. In case you don't see all the boards, make sure to synchronize them, using Sync Info. Moreover, you can quickly create a new Pinterest board, following the steps below.

To create a new board:

Go to the Create tab on Publer.
Select your Pinterest account and start curating your Pin.
Then, click on Media Options at the bottom of the post.

Creating a new Pinterest Board

Open the second dropdown, and click on Create a new Board.

Creating a new Pinterest Board

Make sure to enter the name of the new board and click on the + button or press enter.
Click on Save to save the changes, and schedule or publish your Pin.

Easily schedule your Pinterest Pins through Publer and assign them to a default board.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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