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How to save reusable posts in one place


In Publer, you can reuse any posts that you want, including old published posts that have been deleted. If you want to reuse only certain media files or posts, then you should organize your posts with labels. This will allow you to easily organize and track your posts, in case you want to save them to a specific place, so you can easily find and reuse them in the future.

If you organise/label your posts with a specific label, i.e. "reusable", then you can visit these posts at the Posts or Calendar tab in Publer, under this specific label, at anytime in the future and then reuse them. Adding a label to a post is quite easy, and this can be done while you are creating the post, or after it has been created.

To add a label while creating the post:

Start designing your post.
Add the label by clicking on Add labels.
After you shedule the post, it will be saved under the specified label.

Organizing posts with labels

To add a label after the post has been created:

Go to Posts or Calendar tab in Publer.
Click anywhere on the post, to edit the post.
Then, add the label by clicking on Add labels.
Finally, save the post and it will always show up under that label.

Organizing posts with labels

Reuse Posts

Reusing posts is always a good idea, as it allows you to share your evergreen content with you audience. If you have a specific post that performed well, or just one that is evergreen, you can reuse it again in a few easy steps.

Moreover, you can choose to reuse old posts, like the ones that you have saved under a specific label, in a few easy steps.

Reusing Posts

Go to Posts and filter accordingly. Make sure to select the filter that you used to save all your "reusable" posts.
You can also search through labels, so you can quickly find the label that you are looking for.

Filtering Posts by Labels

Then, select all the posts you want to reuse, and on the bottom right click on "Reuse Selected".

Reusing Posts

You will be redirected to the Create page, where you can schedule these posts again.
Make the final touches and publish or schedule the posts accordingly.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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