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What are the scheduling methods that Publer supports?

What scheduling methods does Publer support?

Publer’s goal has always been the access to a smooth and fast workflow for each customer. This is why Publer provides 4 different modes of scheduling:


Let's dive into each of the scheduling modes:

1. Schedule

This is one of the easiest ways to schedule a post. First, let’s create one:

Go to the 'Create' tab and choose a social account from the left side.
Curate your post.
Select Schedule from the dropdown menu.


Specify the Time and Date you wish for your post to be shared.
Or, use the available time-slots.


Lastly, click the Schedule button.

2. AutoSchedule

Remember, you need to have a posting schedule in place before you can start auto-scheduling.

After you have created a posting schedule, go to the Create tab.
Choose the social media account you wish to publish on and customize your post as desired.
Select AutoSchedule from the dropdown menu.


Choose the label you have created on the posting schedule and specify the other AutoSchedule settings for the post.


Lastly, click on the Schedule button.

3. Recycle

This feature is a real time-saver. Now, you no longer need to save multiple posts repeatedly or revisit those already posted. It allows you to save posts automatically.

Make sure you have created a posting schedule.
Go to the Create tab, choose the social media account you wish to publish on, and customize your post as desired.
After finishing with the post creation, click on the dropdown arrow and select Recycle.


Specify the recycling settings and then hit the Recycle button.


4. Recurring

Go to the Create tab.
Select the social accounts on the left.
Design your post and choose Recurring.


Specify the settings of the recurring post and click on Schedule.



You need to create a posting schedule in place before you can start auto-scheduling and recycling posts.
Navigate to Posts > Scheduled to view all your scheduled posts. To locate a specific post, simply click on the icon of the social account on the left and choose a post from the dashboard.
You can modify, delete, change time & date, reuse, auto-share, recycle, etc. all the scheduled posts.

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Updated on: 18/09/2023

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