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How to respond to internal notes

Once you have been tagged on a note you will need to stay updated and proceed accordingly.

To respond to notes on a post:

Go to the Notifications bell to see the notification you got about being mentioned on a post.
A notification will be send to you every time you are tagged on a note/comment and you can check the post from there:

Getting notified about tags in notes

Click the notification and you will be directed to the corresponding post. The new notes will also be highlighted, like so:

From there, suggest more changes, tag other members, and so on, so you will be able to reply to notes/comments if needed.

If you leave a note you will get notified if someone leaves another note after you. You can toggle this at Setting -> Notifications here:

Notification Settings

Learn more about how to work with notes/comments in Publer here.

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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