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(Mobile App) How to tag members in internal notes

To tag a member in the notes:

Firstly, open a post for which you want to leave a note:

Internal notes

Open the input text and start writing your note. To tag a member type @ followed by the username of the member:

Tag member

You can only tag members who have access to this specific account for which you are creating the note.

Once you select the member and add the note, the tag will turn blue, like so:

Tag member

Keep in mind, when you tag a member they will be notified accordingly:

Tag notification

Keep in mind, if you added a note in the post, then you will get notified for each note that is added after that.

If you leave a note on a post, you will get notified if someone else leaves another note after you. You can toggle this on or off at Setting -> Notifications here on the web.

Learn how to edit and delete notes here

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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