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How to add internal notes to a post

Publer now offers internal notes which allow you share your thoughts with other team-members -- you can ask them to make changes or update the post accordingly.

To add a note to a post and even mention a member from the workspace.

Firstly you need to locate a post for which you want to leave a note, so go to Posts.
On the right side of the post, you will see the Notes section, a field that says "Share your thoughts".
That's where you can type a note (or comment) for this specific post.

Adding notes to a post

Fill in your note/comment for the post and use @ sign if you want to mention one or many team members.
Let's take a look at a scenario on how you can use notes. For example, after the post is sent for approval, the Client opens it so they can see the post.
In that view, the Client can Approve or Decline. In this case, they Declined it and left a note.

Client declines the post with a note

After that, the member will get a notification and when they click on it, they will be redirected to the post. There, they can make any changes and then resubmit the post for re-approval.
In this case, the member made the changes, replied, and tagged the Client. To send the note, simply click on the little arrow at the bottom right corner:

Replying to notes and tagging members

Lastly, the Client will be able to see the changes and approve the post:

Client approves post

How do you get notified for the note/comment:

The mentioned member will get a notification from Publer saying that they were mentioned on a post. They can open the notification and check accordingly:

Getting notified for a note/comment

After opening the notification, the user will see the post and the new notes. New notes will be highlighted like so:

You can check how to respond to notes here

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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