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Why is my recycling post scheduled for a much later time slot?

Recycling posts will always follow the posting schedule and how it is set up. To learn more about how to recycle posts go here.

Recycling will always happen at midnight every day (UTC Time), which means it happens around the timezone you have chosen on Publer. You can only create recycling posts for the day after today, not for the current day.

If you create a recycling post on the 20th of June, it may appear in a different time slot than expected, due to the time zones.

For example, let's consider two scenarios:

Example 1: UTC vs EST

If you create a post on the 20th of June, it will start at 21:48 (approximately 3 hours earlier from UTC time), since recycling starts at midnight UTC.


Example 2: UTC vs CET

If you create a post with the start date 20th of June, it will start at 02:29 on the 21st of June, since recycling starts at midnight UTC.


Keep in mind:

That the post does not skip any slots; it simply starts as intended time on the following day. The recycling of posts occurs after midnight, ensuring that it always begins on the following day.

Recycling occurs at midnight in Publer to prevent server overload and the need for excessive computing power.

To avoid facing this issue, it is advisable to plan the posts at least a day in advance. That’s because Publer can only know which posts will recycle for the next day, so it calculates it at midnight.

Updated on: 29/06/2023

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