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What social accounts support recurring or duplicate content?

Repeating the same content over and over might be something vital for your social posting strategy, but unfortunately not all social media networks allow you to do that.

Social networks that support duplicate content:

Facebook (Pages & Locations, Profiles, and Groups )
Instagram (Professional accounts)
LinkedIn (Personal Profiles & Business Pages)

You can directly schedule and post recurring or recycling posts to these networks through Publer.

Warning: Some Mastodon servers restrict automation. Make sure you read the rules and policy of your server carefully.

Social networks that do not support duplicate content:

Google Business Profile
WordPress sites

Workaround: Use Spintax to recycle/recur posts for Twitter, Pinterest or Google Business Profiles.

You can create recurring posts if you create 10+ Spintax variations on the content panel for a post.
By having at least 10 variations per post, then each time the post is set to recur or recycle, Publer will choose one of the 10 variations at random.
You can use the Spintax Generator in Publer as shown here. Make sure that your spintax text is as unique as possible.
Moreover, you can also use the Publer AI Assist to help you with crafting Spintax Variations, as shown here.

Learn more about how to recycle or recur your Twitter posts here and for Pinterest posts here.

Why are recurring posts not supported for these networks?

Google has updated its Business Profile posts content policy to specify that Google now considers duplicate photos, posts, videos, and logos as spam. You can read more here.

Twitter's automation rules require that you post unique content. They consider similar tweets as spam. You can read more here.

Pinterest's automation rules require that you post unique content. The algorithm will take into account the title, caption, and the URL of each Pin. Learn more about it here.

TikTok's algorithm does punish accounts that intentionally post spam. Try to avoid any gimmicks that involve posting the same video multiple times, as it may be perceived as duplicate content and suppress your virality. You can read more here.

YouTube does not allow duplicate videos. Their algorithm will automatically delete any duplicate content.

WordPress does not allow duplicate articles. We do not recommend posting the same article twice as it would interfere with your site's ranking in Google and cause issues.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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