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How to get notified about my failed posts

To get notifications for your failed posts:

You simply have to navigate to Settings > Notifications:

The first dropdown will show you option for getting notification on failed posts:

Keep in mind that you will only get notified about the posts that you have created. For example, say that you are part of a Workspace, as the Owner (or even as a different member). If another member of that Workspace created a post, they will be the one to get a notification about it when it fails, and not you.

You can choose one of the three options:

1. Email me for every post failure

You will get a notification on email for every single post that fails.
Even if there are posts that were minutes apart, you will get a notification if they fail too.
You will be able to find the posts under Posts > Failed on Publer.

2. Email me at most once per hour for post failures

You will get notification on email for the posts that failed.
If another posts fails within the hour, you will NOT get a notification about that.
If another posts fails more than an hour later, you will be notified again accordingly.
You will be able to find the posts under Posts > Failed on Publer.

3. Email me a daily digest of all failures:

You will get an email daily if there are post failures.
You will be able to see all failed posts on the notification bell on Publer.

4. Don't email me:

You will not be notified at all about any post failures.

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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