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How to delete Publer

Deleting an account on Publer:

Deleting your account will remove your data from Publer (social accounts, posts, settings, analytics etc.)
If you have an active paid subscription with us, it will be automatically cancelled and you will be required to give feedback.

To Delete your Publer account:

Click on the profile dropdown menu and navigate to Settings.

On Account menu you need to scroll on the end of the page where you can see the Delete Publer button.

After you click on the Delete Publer you need to confirm it by clicking Confirm in the dialog box.

The Publer account cannot be deleted without a password:

In the case you created your Publer account through a social media channel:

Since that way don't give you a password, you need to first generate one by resetting the password.
Reset the password here:
Delete the account with the new password.

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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