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How to approve or decline posts

The approval system in Publer helps you manage your workflow easily and efficiently.

To approve posts:

Once the post is created by the member, you will get a notification on your Publer account.
Check the notification bell on Publer to see that:

Notification about post pending approval

When you click on the notification, you will be led to the post that needs your approval.
You can also get to this post by going to Posts > Scheduled > Pending approval.

Post is pending approval

There, you can Decline or Approve the post.
If you Approve the post, you will see a success message and the post will be moved under Posts > Scheduled.

Post is approved

If you Decline the post, you will be able to leave a note to clarify the members about needed changes:

Declining the post

The member will receive a notification that the post was declined and they will be able to resubmit it again for approval.

Keep in mind:

Admins and Owners have to approve posts for Editors if the Editor has "Should be approved by Owner/Admin" permission.
Clients have to approve posts for Editors and Admins if the Client has "Should approve posts" for the specified social accounts.
If you are the Owner looking for post approvals, only a Client member who has the 'Should approve posts' permissions on a social account can approve your posts.
The post will only be fully scheduled once it has been approved by both the Admin and Client (if that is what is required). This will depend on the permissions and how they are set up.

Learn more about the approval workflow system in detail here.

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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