In Account Settings you can:

Edit your profile: Photo/Name of the Publer account.
Change the Time Settings.
Choose the language for Publer (only available in English at the moment).
Delete the Publer account.

Edit Profile:

When you sign up with your social media channels, the name and the profile photo that you have on your social media account (for example Facebook profile) will be synced and become the name and photo of your account on Publer.

To Change your account photo and name you press on the Edit Profile:

You can Remove your profile photo, Replace it and Change your name:
Click on the Camera Icon and you will be directed to select a new picture from your device:

After selecting the desired Picture you will be able to see it and save it:

To change the Name you just click on the text area and modify it ( Artur Test -> Artur Publer ):

Just save it and it will be updated:

Time Settings:

You can Select your desired Time zone:

You can Select your desired Time format:

You can change the Starting Day:

Lastly You can choose at what Time does your Day Starts:


Right now Publer speaks only English :(

We plan to introduce other languages in the future. You can subscribe here for updates.

Delete Publer:

Navigate here to learn more about deleting Publer account.
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