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How to resend a confirmation email?

How you can resend the confirmation email:

Reasons why yo have not received a confirmation email might be because:

You already signed up with Publer previously, say 1 month ago, but did not confirm the email then.
You have already gotten a confirmation email, so when you sign up again it won’t be resent.

In the rare instances that this happens, users can always resend the confirmation email by going to the link here: Resend confirmation email

By re-adding your email address there and clicking on “Resent confirmation email”, you will be able to get a new confirmation email from Publer

Alternatively, you can:

Click on Forgot Password to go through this process.

Fill your email and click on “Reset Password”.

Now that you have confirmed your email, you can use Publer accordingly. Get started with an introductory video here.

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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