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How to resend a confirmation email

Confirmation Email

The reasons why you might have not received a confirmation email when signing up are:

1. The email address that you are using is not the correct one.

It's easy to miss out on typos that are included in your email address. Even if you miss a small letter, like an "s" at the end of the email, Publer won't be able to send the confirmation email to your account. Make sure that the email you enter is the correct one.

2. Your mail server is blocking our emails.

Certain email servers might block out servers because they might mistakenly mark them as spam, so you have ensure that your mail server is not blocking Publer emails. Depending on the email provider, you should check what the blocked domains are, and then add the domain in the safe senders list, so future emails are not blocked.

3. You already signed up with Publer previously.

If you have signed up with Publer in the past, you will have already received the confirmation email then. In the case that you did not confirm the email back then, you will have to redo this process and confirm the email.

4. You have already received a confirmation email.

On the other hand, you might have already gotten the confirmation email from Publer. Please make sure to check your Inbox folder and your Spam folder, in case it was marked as Spam by mistake.

Resending a Confirmation Email

In the rare instances that any of these cases happen, you can always resend the confirmation email by going to the link here.

By re-adding your email address there and clicking on “Resend confirmation email”, you will be able to get a new confirmation email from Publer.

Alternatively, you can:

Click on Forgot Password to go through this process.

Fill your email and click on “Reset Password”.

Now that you have confirmed your email, you can use Publer accordingly. Get started with an introductory video here.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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