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How to add a Client to my Publer Workspace

As an owner, you always have full access when it comes to creating a new workspace or making changes to one. Once you have created a new Workspace, you can start adding new members or clients, specifying their roles, and assigning accounts to them.

Learn more about the Client role and how it can help you here.

To add a new Client on the Workspace:

Click on the Members on the left panel.
Once you are on the members page click on Invite Member and choose Client:

Enter the email of the Client and specify the access you want the Client to have.
Choose if you want them to add social accounts and create, edit and delete posts, or both or neither.
Moreover, specify if you want Two Factor Authentication to be required for them when using this workspace.

If you only give them access to add social account they will be able to add accounts, see the posts for all the accounts assigned to them, and if specified by the owner at the end, approve the posts.
If you give them access to create/edit/delete posts, they will be able to also create, edit, and delete posts for the assigned social accounts, and if specified by the owner at the end, approve the posts.
If you don't tick either option, they will only be able to view posts, and if specified by you at the end, approve the posts. This is also known as the read-only mode.
If you want to ensure a secure connection for the client, make sure to tick the Two-Factor Authentication option.

Once you click Next you will be prompted to assign social accounts to the Client:

For assigned social account you can specify if the Client should or should not approve post.
If you have specified that the Client should be able to create/edit/delete posts, then you will be able to choose whether they will Post using owner or member credentials.

If you choose for them to "use Owner's API credentials", then you will have to reauthenticate the social accounts on their behalf. If you choose "use member's API credentials", then they will need to reauthenticate the social accounts themselves and to do that they will need to have access to the social accounts. Learn more about the difference here.

After that, click on Invite to invite the Client.
From the Client's perspective, a notification and email will be sent notifying them that they are added on the workspace:

When the Client goes to the workspace setting, they can view their membership and assigned accounts:

Learn more about all of the different roles and permission levels here.

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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