Each member, Admin or Editor, can post on the assigned social accounts as the owner or as themselves.

Post as Owner or Post as Themselves does NOT mean that the owner’s or user’s name will show up on the social media channels – that is not possible. On social accounts, you always post as the account itself. The only exception are Facebook Groups and WordPress accounts.

1. Posting as Owner means:

Members will be able to post to the social network using the API credentials of the Owner. For example, when adding a Freelance member to your workspace with whom you do not want to share your credentials, you can simply assign Posting as Owner access to them.
Whenever a member has Posting as Owner access and they need reauthentication for a social account, the Owner of the workspace will have to do it on their behalf.
Having Posting as Owner access will limit members when it comes to change account settings, such who they are posting as on the Facebook Group or WordPress accounts. This will be decided by the Owner and can only be changed by the Owner.

2. Posting as Themselves means:

Members will be posting to the social network using their own API credentials.
Whenever a member has Posting as Themselves access and has the credentials to log into a social account, they can reauthenticate it themselves.
Having Posting as Themselves access will allow members to change who they are posting as to WordPress accounts or Facebook Groups, under the social account's settings.

To choose the posting permission:

Go to the dropdown button on the top right corner, next to your profile and click on a desired workspace:

Click on Team Members on the left side panel:

Pick the desired team member and click on Edit social accounts:

Manage a Team member on Publer

Choose the member you want to specify the posting access for.
Change the posting access for each social account assigned to them.
Finally, specify the posting level to your liking.

Learn more about roles and permission levels here to understand how to best manage your team's workflow.
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