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Will Publer crosspost from Instagram to Facebook and vice versa when enabled on Facebook?

What is crossposting?

Crossposting is a feature from Meta that allows you to automatically share content between connected Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. The main benefit of cross-posting is that it saves you time. Instead of creating separate pieces of content for each social media platform, you can just share the same content on all of them.

You can automatically crosspost Instagram posts, Reels and Stories to Facebook and vice versa, if you enable it on Facebook. You only need to choose one of the accounts, either Facebook or Instagram to post to and you'll be able to post to both of them through crossposting.

This kind of crossposting will only work when using Meta's app, but not when using a 3rd party app like Publer.

How to crosspost in Publer?

Connect both Facebook and Instagram accounts on Publer.
Go to the Create tab.
Select the accounts on the left-side.

You can always group social accounts together for a faster selection.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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