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(Mobile App) How to directly post your TikTok videos

You can schedule and post your TikTok videos directly through the Publer mobile app!

Keep in mind, you can only select and post to one TikTok account at once because TikTok does not allow duplicate content.

To directly post your TikTok videos from the app:

Open the Publer app and click on the + sign to compose a new post.
Next, select a TikTok account, insert your video, and add the desired caption:

Scheduling TikTok Videos

Tip: When posting TikTok videos automatically, you can change the thumbnail of the video and choose from 1 of the 10 automatically generated thumbnails. Learn more about that here

Once the video is ready, scroll down and choose the first option, Post Automatically. If you wish to share TikTok videos via push-notifications, follow the steps here.
Then, select one of the privacy options under Who can view this video?

If your account is set to private, the "Everyone" privacy option will not be available, as your posts are only visible to your followers. Therefore, TikTok's API doesn't provide this option for private accounts.
If you have a public account and can't see the "Everyone" option, syncing data on Publer can resolve this issue.

Then, specify the engagement options and choose whether you want users to Comment, Duet, or Stitch this video.

Privacy and Engagement Settings

The last two options (Duet and Stitch) have to be activated in your TikTok account before you can activate them on Publer for each video. If one of the options (i.e., Duets) is disabled in your TikTok account, you cannot toggle it through Publer until you activate it on TikTok first.

All the extra options, such as privacy and engagement settings, have to be selected manually each time. TikTok does not allow default values or selecting these settings in bulk.

Lastly, disclose if your video is branded content for your own brand, for another brand (a third-party), or for both.

The visibility of branded content videos cannot be private.

Disclose TikTok Video Content

When promoting your own brand or another brand, the video will be classified as Brand Organic content and labeled “Promotional Content” or “Paid Partnership” respectively. This cannot be changed once your video is posted.

Lastly, feel free to schedule your post or publish it directly.

Keep in mind:

You can only select a frame as the thumbnail/cover of the video only when posting automatically.
The watermarking feature is not supported with TikTok due to API limitations. Moreover links are not supported, since it is a visual social network.
TikTok does not allow duplicate content, so you cannot post or schedule to multiple TikTok accounts at once or recycle or schedule recurring TikTok videos.
Privacy settings and the other engagement options are synced automatically from TikTok. Moreover, these have to be specified manually for each video, due to API limitations.
If your account is set to private, the "everyone" privacy setting will not be available since only your followers have access to view your posts. Therefore, TikTok's API does not provide this option for private accounts.
Videos that are branded content cannot be private. Moreover, once the video is posted, the video will remain labeled showing that it is branded content.
It is not possible to change the profile picture or name of the TikTok account within Publer. We will automatically sync the information each time the user selects to post to TikTok.

To schedule a TikTok video via push-notifications, check the guide here.

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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