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Why are my Facebook analytics/insights on Publer different from those on Facebook?

Keep in mind, sometimes insights might be a little different on our platform vs on Facebook.

This is why the numbers could be different on Facebook vs on Publer:

The information in the Analytics Overview comes directly from the Facebook API. These values show how many people your posts reached for a given date, regardless of when they were posted.

Summing up all Post Insights reach may not give you the expected result because old posts not shown in the current view can impact the daily reach on Facebook. We always present the data exactly as reported by Facebook API, without any changes.

For Example:

If a post from last year suddenly becomes viral today, the Facebook API will report a high reach for today (e.g., 10K views), even if none of today’s posts had that reach. The spike is due to the old post going viral.

In Post Insights tab, we display the total reach each post has received. In the Overview tab, we show the reach across all posts for a specific time, which may not always match.

Learn more about Analytics on the Overview tab and the Post Insights here.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 01/06/2024

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