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Why am I not getting push notifications about my Instagram stories?

There could be several reasons why you're not receiving notifications when trying to post an Instagram story via push notifications. Let's delve into the possible cases and solutions below.

Case 1:

The story has been created by a different member.
Only the member who creates the stories can get a notification when the post is ready.
In such cases, you have the ability to approve posts before they are published. When a member creates a story, a notification will be sent to your Publer account. Learn more about the post approval access levels here.
In doing so, all you need to do is give the scheduled Instagram story a final review and approval. This eliminates you from managing the push notifications, leaving them in the hands of the member to finalize.

Case 2:

Notifications haven't been activated in the settings of your iPhone or Android yet.
Simply navigate to your device settings, find Publer, and enable the notifications.
For iPhone users: Go to Settings > Notifications > find our app > Allow Notifications.
For Android users: Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > find our app > Allow Notifications.
Once enabled, you are guaranteed to receive all alerts.

Case 3:

Your current version of the Publer app is outdated.
If this is the case, the app requires an update to the latest version of the Publer app. When an app is outdated, it may stop working properly. You might experience crashes, slow performance, or features not working as they should, including not getting push notifications.
To update, simply visit your app store, search for the Publer app, and click on Update.

Most devices also have an option to update apps automatically, but you can also manually update them through your device's app store.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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