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Why am I getting "Error from Instagram: (#10) the user is not an Instagram Business"?

Due to API limitations from Instagram when directly posting an Instagram Story to a Creator account, you will get an error saying: Error from Instagram: (#10) the user is not an instagram business. This is because only Business accounts support posting Instagram Stories directly.

To fix this issue you either have to switch your account to Business, or alternatively post Stories through push-notifications.

To switch your Instagram account to Business:

Go to your Instagram profile, in your Instagram web on any browser.
Tap on Profile in the left-side of the screen and select the Settings icon.

Go to Settings and Privacy.

If you already have a Professional account, click on Creator tools and control.

If your Instagram is a Personal account, go here to switch it to Professional.

Click on Switch to business account.

Select Switch.

Keep in mind, due to API limitations from Instagram, you can only post Instagram Stories directly if you have a Business account, not Creator accounts. If you don't want to switch to Business, you can post Stories through push-notifications.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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