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What happens when my payment does not renew/fails and what can I do?

Payment failed to process automatically:

There are three main reasons why this could happen:

You do not have enough funds in your card.
Your card has expired and can not be charged anymore by the payment service provider.
The payment service provider is facing issues on their end.

In such cases, Publer will maintain the data associated with your account and ensure that nothing gets lost so you can access it again once you resubscribe. You will only lose the data when you are downgraded to the Free Plan.

Publer will automatically downgrade you to the Free Plan ONLY if you:

Ask for a full refund for your most recent subscription
Manually cancel your subscription before hand, the renewal date comes, and you do not resubscribe

What can I you do in this situation?

You can update your card information with our payment service provider by following the steps here
If it says Payment Failed, you can cancel and resubscribe (within 24 hours)

Within 24 hours you will not lose the plan rates, data, posts etc...

Payment fails to renew automatically:

For the first time, we won’t take any action, but we will notify the owner of account & members
For the second time, we will automatically lock the paid features and notify only the owner of the account.

To fix this cancel and resubscribe within 24 hours

For the third time, even though the payment provider will cancel your subscription, we will simply mark the subscription as Ended and we will notify you.

The paid features will remain locked

You will have to re-subscribe as we can no longer charge you automatically
Similar to pausing a subscription, you will be able to take advantage of your old rates

Updated on: 31/03/2023

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