Scheduling a bulk with the help of a CSV file can be the most optimal time-saving technique in your social media scheduling journey.

You can create up to 500 posts with the CSV file. Publer will provide a downloadable template that contains a guide on how to use it. The CSV file can contain links, media, text only, etc. according to your preferences. Learn more about the CSV file here.

After creating the CSV file and populating it with all your desired posts you are ready to upload and use it.

To upload CSV file:

Go to Create.
Click on CSV Import.

Select or Drag and Drop the CSV File.

Once the CSV is fully uploaded, you will get a notification.
Go to the Notifications tab on Publer, and click on it.
Once you do, all the posts will be loaded accordingly.

You will be able to reuse the CSV file every time you click again on the notification.The notification will be removed after 24 hours or if you manually delete it.

Select the social account(s) where you want to post on the left side.
Under each post, you can click on the dropdown arrow to choose what scheduling method you want to use and specify the settings accordingly.

Make the last minute touches to your posts, scroll down to the end, and click on Submit!

To learn more about all the ways you can schedule in bulk go here.
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