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How to restart an expired recycling post

Recycling Posts

Publer offers a few scheduling methods, and Recycling is one of them, allowing you to re-share your evergreen content. This means you can repost or share content on social media that has been previously posted, often with the goal of reaching a broader audience, boosting engagement, or repurposing evergreen content.

Follow the article here to learn more about how you can leverage the Recycling feature and how to work with and manage recycling posts in Publer.

A recycling post will automatically expire and thus stop recycling:

After a specific date (if you have set an end date).

After it has recycled a number of times (if you have specified a number).

These settings are specified when you are creating the recycling post, but they can also be changed at any point in the future, from the Posts tab.

Automatically Expired Recycling Post

Restarting an Expired Recycling Posts

You can restart an expired recyclable post by reusing it and rescheduling it, or by changing the Recycling Settings of the post.

First, go to the Posts tab, select Recycling > Expired.
The expired posts will have a notice at the top and bottom of the post.

Expired Recycling Post

You can also edit the content of the post before you restart it.
Then, to restart the recycling post, simply click on Settings and specify the new options.
You can choose a new label, frequency, start date, etc.

Recycling Post Settings

Finally, click on Save and the the post will start recycling again.

On the other hand, you can also reuse the post if you want to reschedule it or simply save it as a Draft.

Learn more about recycling posts and how you can use them on Publer here.

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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