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How to respond to comments with AI Assist

With Publer you can schedule first/follow-up comments in advance, or view and respond to comments on your published posts.

Here's how Publer's AI Assist can help.

Schedule AI-generated first/follow-up comments

Prerequisites: Write your post and select at least a social account that supports comments

Enable follow-up comments, click on the AI Assist button and select "Comment with AI"

The AI-generated comment will be based on what you have written in the post

If the post is empty, you will only be given the option to "Generate new text"

Respond to comments using AI

Go to a published posts and click to view the comments on that post

Choose to reply to an existing comment and select "Comment with AI" from AI Assist

If you're not satisfied with the generated reply, you can always delete it and give AI another try

If you leave a first-level comment, the AI-generated comment will be based on what has been written in the post

Take a look at the following video tutorial for more examples.


Updated on: 20/04/2023

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