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How to connect my OpenAI account

The AI Assist for both text and images is powered by OpenAI. There are two ways that we can communicate with OpenAI:

By default, we rely on a shared OpenAI account, and if you have an active Business subscription with us, it comes with unlimited AI prompts.

Regardless of the plan that you have, you can connect your own OpenAI account and use the AI Assist in Publer at no additional cost from our end.

If you connect your OpenAI account, you will be charged directly by OpenAI for the AI prompts.

How to connect your OpenAI account with Publer

Get the API key from OpenAI

Go to your OpenAI API keys and create a new one

Copy the generated API key

Paste the API key into Publer

Go to your Publer Integration Settings and choose to use your OpenAI account

Paste the OpenAI API key and click on connect

If the API key is valid, AI prompts from now on will be handled through your OpenAI account

You will be charged directly by OpenAI for the AI prompts.

Take a look at the following video tutorial on how to use the AI Assist.


Q: What models are used by the AI Assist?
A: Our shared OpenAI account has access to GPT-4, but if you rely on your own OpenAI account, we will use the GPT-3.5-turbo instead as GPT-4 is still not available to everyone. On the other hand, DALL·E is the only model used for AI-generated images.

Q: Can I use the AI Assist in the Free or the Professional plan of Publer?
A: As long as you rely on your OpenAI account, then yes, since we won't be covering the costs for the AI prompts.

Q: If I pay OpenAI directly, can I get a lower price for Publer Business?
A: Unfortunately, not possible. AI Assist has been a complimentary addition to the Business plan customers, thus not affecting the pricing. The sole purpose of having AI Assist exclusively in the Business plan by default is to cover the expenses for the AI prompts at a fixed price.

Updated on: 20/04/2023

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