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How to rephrase/reword text with AI Assist

One of the most useful aspects of AI is the ability to rephrase or reword what you have written. It can be used for:

Fixing grammar mistakes
Making the text more readable
Tailoring content to a specific channel
Matching your brand's tone
Repurposing old (or stolen 🤫) content

Rephrasing content with Publer AI Assist is very easy, but since we support posts for both social media and blog, the first steps are slightly different.

How to trigger text rephrasing for social media

Select the text that you want to rewrite

Click on the AI Assist button and select "Rephrase the text"

The same steps can be used for rephrasing comments

How to trigger text rephrasing for blog posts

Make sure you've selected a WordPress account (required)

Select the text that you want to rewrite and click on the magic icon that says "Rephrase the text"

How to use the rephrased text

You will be able to see both the original text and the AI-rephrased text

If you're not satisfied with the result, you can keep rephrasing or tweak the prompt

Go through the different variations and click on "Add to post" once you're happy with the result

The original selected text will be replaced with the new highlighted text generated by AI

Take a look at the following video tutorial for more examples.

Updated on: 20/04/2023

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