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Why do I get "you reached/exceeded your OpenAI quota" error?

If you've connected your OpenAI API key to Publer and see a message that says "You reached the Open AI Quota" it means that you've exceeded the API recourses available to your OpenAI account.

While ChatGPT is free to use and you might have activated ChatGPT Plus, this limit is unrelated to your ChatGPT account. The OpenAI quota refers to the option to connect and use OpenAI's ChatGPT on other platforms.

To check your OpenAI account usage, visit Here, you can view your usage and see if you've reached your limit.

If you've hit your OpenAI API quota, you'll need to upgrade your OpenAI account to continue using it with Publer.

Alternatively, you can remove your OpenAI account on the Integrations settings in Publer and continue using the built-in AI Assist, which is included in the Publer Business Plan.

Please keep in mind that if you're on the Business plan and have connected your OpenAI account, your OpenAI account usage takes precedence over Publer's AI Assist from the Business plan. If you reach your OpenAI quota, you'll need to remove your OpenAI account and continue using the AI Assist from the Business plan.

In summary, "Reached Open AI Quota" means you've used up all of your allocated OpenAI API resources for a given period. You can check your usage, upgrade your account, or remove your account and continue using Publer's AI Assist to create and manage your social media content.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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