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How to manage published posts from within Publer

You are now able to manage posts from within Publer. You can edit the post, delete it, and engage with its comment section just like you would on the social media channel.

You have the ability to:

Edit the caption of a published post.
Add, reply, or delete comments of published posts.
Delete the published post from the social network.

Once deleted, the post will still be available for reuse on Publer.

If you want to manage posts that were not published with Publer, make sure to Sync Posts first.
Once your posts are synced, you will be able to view them.
The little cloud icon signifies that the post was published outside of Publer.

To reuse this post, click on Reuse.
To edit the content of the post, click on Edit.
To view the post click on the eye icon, or on the timestamp on the top right.

To delete the post from Facebook, click on the red bin, Delete icon.
To share the post, click on the share icon.
To engage with the comments section, click on the comments icon.

Learn more about how to Edit your posts, Delete your posts, or Engage with the comments.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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