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How to get an official quotation for a Publer subscription

What is an official quotation?

An official quotation is a type of document used by businesses of any size to provide a price for a given product or service, in this case Publer.

How to get an official quotation for your Publer subscription

Go to Billing > Upgrade, to get to the checkout page.
Open the checkout form on a new tab.

In the URL of the checkout page, add "&display-quote=true" at the end.

Open the modified URL and click on Auto-renewal.
Toggle on Skip trial period.

You will see a "Get Quote" button instead of the "Submit Order" button.

Fill in all the required fields on the order page and click on the "Get Quote" button.

Finally, preview your quotation.

Keep in mind:

You will be able to preview the invoice, download the PDF file with the quote or pay right away.
The PDF file will contain a hyperlink that allows you to purchase the product directly.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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