If you're facing issues with Google Business Profiles:

It is most probably related to the refresh tokens. The current limit of 50 refresh tokens per Google Account might be causing these issues for you.

In this case, you most probably exceeded the maximum number of refresh tokens. We recommend that you rely on multiple Google accounts/emails and spread the locations among them to bypass this limitation.

A refresh token might stop working for one of these reasons:

The user has revoked your app's access.
The refresh token has not been used for six months.
The user changed passwords and the refresh token contains Gmail scopes.
The user account has exceeded a maximum number of granted (live) refresh tokens.
The user belongs to a Google Cloud Platform organization that has session control policies in effect.

There is currently a limit of 50 refresh tokens per Google Account per OAuth 2.0 client ID. If the limit is reached, creating a new refresh token automatically invalidates the oldest refresh token without warning. This limit does not apply to service accounts.

You can learn more about that in detail here and here.
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